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The LIV Organic team has been built on a foundation of sales, grower and operations, combining over 50 years of experience and extensive industry reputation and relationships.



Anthony Innocenti began his produce career working with organic growers at a produce distributor. Along with sales, Anthony worked with growers to coordinate crop planning and growth plans which would allow for sustainability for all their growing partners.

With over 20 years in the produce industry, he has developed partnerships with some of the best growers in the industry. Anthony has a proven reputation of providing, year after year, sustainable growth and returns.

“My favorite part of being in the produce industry is the collaboration with growers. As a founding partner, I am proud to be representing quality growers who share my passion for quality, food safety, sustainable farming and healthy sales.”

For more ways Anthony can help you, contact him at anthony@livorganicproduce.com



Ryan Galindo has over 15 years of produce industry experience, having worked in both the buy and supply side of the business. He began his career in retail, working for the local Northern California grocery chain, Nugget Market, where he grew to lead his own department as a Produce Manager. Ryan made his move to Los Angeles in 2012, where he dug his heels into the supply side of the produce business.

Throughout his career, Ryan has been skilled at both procuring and managing many commodities for different produce companies. In his current role, Ryan proudly oversees LIV Organic’s Systems, Food Safety and Accounting, as well providing support in sales and procurement.

For more ways Ryan can help you, contact him at ryan@livorganicproduce.com



Carrie Briones began her career as a coordinator for citrus commodities in Riverside, CA in 2001, representing various packing houses. Over the past 17 years of her career, she has managed a wholesale citrus department, was sales manager selling organic and conventional grapes and row crops, and managed the organic and conventional sales for the Sunkist packing house.

Before joining LIV Organic, Carrie worked as the organic citrus sales manager for a large southern California produce distributor, overseeing an entire organic department and working directly with growers.

Having garnered this experience within the organic citrus business, Carrie moved on to joining LIV Organic where her responsibilities include building out the LIV Organic citrus program. Carrie takes pride in establishing strong relationships with growers, providing security for the family farms they partner with.

For more ways Carrie can help you, contact her at carrie@livorganicproduce.com


Wes Yamamoto has been involved in the produce industry his entire life. His produce experience began at a young age while picking strawberries in his father’s strawberry farm during the summers and after school in Watsonville, California. He loved being on the farm and was inspired to continue on to the world of produce that was so deeply imbedded in his roots.

He graduated from UCSB with a degree in Biological Sciences and in 1981 began his produce career. From there, he worked at different produce companies, including a citrus packing facility, where his main focus shifted to sales, while still being actively involved in all aspects of the company.

Wes now has over 38 years of experience in sales, marketing grower relations, and field management and is thrilled to contribute his experience as part of the LIV Organic team.

For more ways Wes can help you, contact him at wes@livorganicproduce.com